True Love

One day two years ago we were in Holland visiting the windmills at Zaanse Schans. While Lloyd and our friend Ben haunted the old mills marvelling, as engineers do, at their construct, I stalked, photographically speaking, the habits of a blue heron languishing by the side of a small stream.

At some point I had the urge to look up.

From my crouched position beside the stream I did indeed look up and to my right and, as fate would have it, was gifted with this delightful expression of love. I had exactly that moment to snap this image before a group of tourists charged into view.

I have pondered this lovely, innocent moment many times since and share it with you on this day dedicated to romantic love to show that even the smallest demonstrations of love can leave a lasting memory.

On the subject of love in general … a simple act of love, of kindness, every day by everyone would help to make the world a healthier and happier place. It starts with you, and me. It begins with the greatest love of all … the ability to love ourselves. Only by doing this can we truly share our love with those we love.

Happy Valentine’s Day …

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