A Good Traveler

The Man in San Gimigiano


 “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”

Lao Tzu

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Image: A moment in San Gimignano


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An Afternoon in San Gimignano

Mime your own business

During our stay at the villa our entire group of 12 headed out in three cars (slightly more confident about the challenges of the imposing driveway) and enjoyed an afternoon absorbing the sights and sounds of beautiful San Gimignano.

Naturally, as the weather was once again hot and perfect, our sojourn began with gelato, and together we meandered the ancient streets to the town centre, or Piazza della Cisterna.

Again, as in Siena, we haunted the leather goods and art shops, and made many purchases. We enjoyed the view over Tuscany from the town wall. Stopped for a drink. People watched. Wilted in the heat.

While walking along the Via San Giovanni we encountered a whimsical mime (pictured) who quite captured the attention of the many tourists who passed by.

An afternoon simply is not enough time to explore such a fascinating place. I guess we’ll just have to go back. 😉

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