Arran Sky … The Promise of a Silver Lining

The weather was stormy our second and last full day on the Isle of Arran in Scotland in spring 2010. (I’d won two nights (we added a third) at the Auchrannie Spa and Resort after coming second in an international writing contest focused on British heritage.) But we didn’t let heavy rain and gusty winds get in the way of our explorations.

What were we going to do? Hole up in our hotel room all day and watch the flags outside our window flap in the gale?


So, instead of the hiking we might have done had the weather been more cooperative, we visited a brewery, a cheesemaker, a soap maker, and a jeweller. Then we braved the elements and built a small inukshuk from rocks on the beach (as we often do when we travel — we call it our Canadian calling card 😉 ) on the shore at Lamlash Bay. After that we enjoyed lunch in a lovely cafe overlooking the sea and watched the whitecaps burst from the water while the seagulls soared. And in the evening we settled down for a gourmet meal at the resort’s fine dining establishment before retiring to our room.

As we left the restaurant and began to walk across the parking lot to the hotel entrance the light in the sky caught my attention. I looked up and around searching for what I knew had to be … and there it was  … an incredible complete rainbow arcing dramatically in the sky and vibrating some of the most intense colour energy I’ve ever experienced.

“Let’s walk to the sea.” I grabbed Lloyd’s hand and started pulling him toward the lane into town. “I think we could see an interesting sunset tonight.”

So, we went at a clipper’s pace along the one kilometre lane from the resort to Brodick’s town centre, and stood silently on the shore to observe nature’s unfolding brilliant display. I had only my iPhone with me but managed to capture several moments of the gloriously imposing dusk painted on the Arran sky.

As I look at this image I am reminded of how it felt to be enveloped in the glow of nature’s promise of finer weather to come. My experience in life has been that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. We simply need to have an open mind and heart and open our eyes so we can witness the glory of its promise.

It’s there … I promise you …

Remember to look up …

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