Orange … Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange


Sagrada Orange

The stained glass of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is stunning. Its rich colours warm and embracing. Little wonder my thoughts turned to this beautiful church for a spot of orange.


Sagrada Orange II

The area around the organ is surrounded by plexiglass. I suspect this acts as a baffle, but it also has its place as a mirror for all that gorgeous orange stained glass.


Sagrada Orange III

Everywhere you are, there it is.

Perhaps orange is the new black. đŸ˜‰

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Inside Salisbury Cathedral

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I have a passion for ancient structures. To me there’s something magical about a place that has stood the test of time.

Salisbury Cathedral happens to be one of those places.

We had the good fortune to visit the cathedral for an afternoon last fall. It was a particular thrill for me as I’d just finished reading Sarum ~ the epic historical novel by Edward Rutherfurd documenting the history of the area, including the construction of this impressive religious structure.

If you’re interested in learning more about Salisbury Cathedral, which was consecrated at this site in 1220 and boasts the highest spire in England (at 404 ft/123m) visit the History page of the cathedral’s official website.

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Light Play … Black Abbey, Kilkenny, Ireland


Time has a way of marching on. We change. We grow. My website gets out of date.

So, I’ve been spending some time lately, in the evenings when my battery is recharging, updating my portal to the world, in particular my photo galleries. One at a time, so it’s not too overwhelming.

This week I’m working on my “Impressions of Ireland.”

Visiting the old churches of Europe is one of my favourite activities when we travel. In particular, my eye is drawn to the play of light from stained glass windows.

In Kilkenny, Ireland, we visited The Black Abbey. This beautiful old church is resplendent with stained glass, including the “Rosary Window” — the largest stained glass window in Ireland. In fact, there is so much light play one hardly knows where to look first.

I captured many images, but this is my favourite. The outline on the stone column clearly shows a figure reflected from the stained glass window across the aisle. To me it looks as if the person depicted is praying.

Or do you see something different?

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The Aura … Barcelona, Spain

As anyone who’s been following my blog will know I’m partial to the effects of stain glass.

This image was taken in one of the side chapels of Barcelona Cathedral last February. I love how the light through the window creates the impression of an aura around it.

Best wishes to you on this Good Friday.

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Light Magic in Milano

During a recent trip to Milan, Italy, while I was meditatively wandering around the vast and magnificent Gothic edifice, Duomo di Milano, I spied the light magic for which I’d been hoping.

I lingered a moment and watched as shadow and light shimmered over and around the massive stone column and across the polished marble floor. It was mesmerizing.

Between groups of tourists and without the use of flash I was able to capture this image.

I know I talk about looking up, however sometimes everything you need to be inspired at a particular moment is standing right in front of you.

But, do remember to look up too …

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