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Tall ships are full of lines and geometry.

So beautiful in form and substance.

These are random images captured on a hot day at a Tall Ships event in Toronto Harbour, June 2013. I was so fortunate to be on the water in a friend’s motorboat for this experience.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

On the Move at Toronto Harbour …

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move


A tall ship redux …

Last summer I had an opportunity to go boating on Lake Ontario when the tall ships, and other sailing vessels, were bounding around Toronto harbour.

Herewith a few moments “on the move.”


On water

past and present



On the Move

fly by


Heat wave

heat wave


For further images of this delightful afternoon, check out

Tall Ships on the Horizon


More Tall Ships on the Horizon.

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Shout Outs

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Paul van der Werff


Memory Catcher

Six Degrees Photography

Spherical Light …

Ship crossing at sunset ... Lake Ashi, Japan

Ship crossing at sunset … Lake Ashi, Japan


An image featured a couple of years ago in this blog, but worth repeating for the purpose of this photo challenge.

This is my final NaPoBloMo contribution. Granted, not completely original but it’s the best I could produce while feeling under the weather … again.

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More Tall Ships on the Horizon … Toronto, Ontario

As promised, more images from our fabulous day out on the waters of Lake Ontario during the Tall Ships festival in Toronto last month.


There’s poetry in these majestic travellers of the sea.

Whose sails buffet and billow the wind’s hot kiss.

A romance of elements with sea and sky so entwined

They are, at times, hardly discernible one from another,

But for the buoyant elegance of the mighty Tall Ships.

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