Snow Can Be So Pretty



An eerie stillness permeates the air

And with the wind the trees doth creak and moan.

Their naked branches not so very bare;

As coat of ice doth shiver, shake and groan.

Ol’ Man of Winter hath his fury wrought

As Mother Nature weeps for what she’s lost.

The children of the Earth in tempest caught

Their innocence, as e’er, too high a cost.


The calm after the storm a vacant shock

As minds and hearts and souls themselves adjust

To what is lost of nature’s precious stock

And come to terms with this we children must.

For precious life to all of us is given,

But none of us are guaranteed to heaven.


I’ve started a new journal.

As I am inclined to do, I flipped through the pages of my last journal to see what I’d left behind and found this sonnet written during the great ice storm of Christmas week December 2013.

Written by candlelight, I imagine. I don’t remember. That week is such a blur. Surreal, I suppose.

I love trees and it distressed me to see them suffer under the volume of ice they bore. 

Now, two months later, the only ice left is under foot, and this is a hazard all its own.

Perhaps a month from now the view will be green instead of white. Judging by the mountains of snow and three inches of ice underneath it, spring could be a long way away … and messy.

Still, snow can be so pretty.


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Dorothy đŸ™‚


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity … The Infinite Beauty of Autumn

Infinity … Endless. Enduring.

I’ve opted to highlight the infinite beauty of autumn for this week’s photo challenge.

A last burst of vibrant warmth and colour before the cool hues of winter lay tracks for another season of hibernation.

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Burning Bush …

Burning Bush


There’s more to life than meets the eye.

Like burning bush in burning sky

The fire within is burning bright;

Unveil your heart and see the light.


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