Enchanting Italy


I must be an old soul for I love the ancient places.

Take me to Italy or Ireland (see previous post) any day.

Coincidentally, or not, I’m currently reading Roma, Steven Saylor’s epic novel on the history of Rome. Which reminds me it’s time to go back and take a fresh slate of pictures.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Favourite Place

Tuscan Room with a View

This is what came immediately to mind when considering a window view. No, it’s not the view from any window at my home. It’s the incredible scene from our room at the villa in Tuscany we rented with a group of friends in spring 2014. We spent many happy hours in that pool, oohing and ahhhing over the gorgeous countryside around us, and then traveling those hills to Siena, Volterra and other ancient towns that left us in equal awe. A vacation of lifetime, to be sure.

I love a room with a view.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows